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Dancing with Nature

Green Guerrillas

The Green Guerrillas is a small dynamic group, passionate about the ecological balance of earth, regimental in thinking on the welfare of animals, and united together for a sustainable future, no lip service or green washing, seeking guidance from nature, a logical and positive approach to earth.

We dance with nature - come join us.

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I grew my first food plants at 9 years, and from then on have always had a fascination of the free energy nature so generously extends to us.  I am taught by my mistakes and the wise people that were there to guide me.  I am an advocator of empathy farming, clear to me a logical approach for earth/animal/plant/human.  My driving force is to highlight the massive hidden potential of harnessing the exponential energy of microbes, my passion is express the fundamentally problems of how we slaughter animals for food, and how empathy farming is the solution. 

In a world filled with bloated egos, we are all equal in the eyes of nature. – AKIM Riemer

The balance of the 5 elements

Dancing with nature, we are guided by nature, we are humbled by nature, and we are ALL part of nature.

Why we at the Green Guerrillas use a pentacle as a logo

To some it might seem like business suicide using the most demonized symbol on earth as a logo, and sure we can’t sugar coat it, sometimes we are incorrectly judged for it.

The pentacle is a symbol that is 8,000 years old and represents the balance of the 5 elements, being guided by nature we find this ancient symbol most suitable as a “roadmap” whilst we stumble and fall trying to achieve a balance with working with nature or quite simply put “dancing with nature”.

Green Guerrillas remain:

Non-political, non-religious, non-sexists, non-ageists, and non-stupid.