Making change

If we don’t change our direction, we are going to reach that destination.

The war against poverty

Green Guerrillas remain active on a grass-root level.  Working with impoverished communities to create job-creation, skills development and entrepreneurship in the field of urban agriculture and waste stabilisation, using creative and primitive methods of bio-remediation.

We, the Green Guerrillas, explore labour intensive, low-cost primitive organic farming systems that are backed by the science of nature.  Cost effective with high profit returns.  We are governed by the thought of true empowerment, is education and you cannot teach a hungry child.

Buffalo Soldiers

With poverty, comes malnutrition.  The Green Guerrillas have identified schools located in townships as an ideal incubator to tackle the hidden hunger and empty calorie food, head on.  Our present operation in Masiphumelele is based on entrepreneurship and social enterprise.  The training and mentoring of a few community members has given birth to the Buffalo Soldiers.  The establishment of a community garden and an opportunity for a sustainable income and fresh produce for the school, to be integrated into the feeding scheme, is our way forward.

Guerrilla General

“Living a sustainable life is illegal, that’s why I regard sustainable living as a rebellious action.” -Guerrilla General (31 March 2020).

The Guerrilla Farm

Is a one hectare open air science lab.  With 12 years of research and development to unlock methods of creative, low-cost urban farming in South Africa.  The Guerrilla Farm is our proof of concept and represents the pioneering strides we have made in regenerative urban agriculture.

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Who is Akim Riemer?

Born a South Africa, and confused like everyone else, Akim Riemer is a lover of life. Twelve years ago Akim began a journey with regenerative agriculture in his search for the Holy Grail of closed-loop farming.

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The three pillars of living soil

Soil is the basis of all human life.  Malnutrition begins, and ends with soil.   Armed with the knowledge of microbes and compost worms, the ability to produce living soil packed with the power of nature, is accessible and can be made available, to everyone.  Soil is a labyrinth to be discovered.  Through the journey of decomposition of organic matter, and uncovering the free energy around us, we can then only begin to see the endless possibilities of a sustainable future.

Microbial Husbandry

90% of the earth’s biomass, is microbes.  These invisible creatures are responsible for so much of our existence.  It is not necessary to have a senior schooling certificate to be able to understand and acknowledge the powerful world of microbes.  By empowering people with the knowledge of the likes and dislikes of microbes, not only do we become better farmers, we create healthier food and it begins with compost.

Worm Husbandry

Working with one ton of composting worms and learning how to harness their exponential energy and to share this knowledge in a digestible format.  Worms remain the future and our salvation for waste stabilisation and self-sufficiency.  The lack of knowledge and understanding of these blind toothless creatures chokes our advancement to a sustainable future.

Animal Husbandry

The Green Guerrillas have developed methods of using domesticated animals to assist with the production of soil by simply allowing them to follow their natural behaviour.  Pigs and chickens play an important role in this sector of regenerative agriculture.  Learning to care and nurture livestock brings us closer to closing the loop and dancing with nature.

“If soil is the basis of all human life, then we are soil”- AKIM Riemer

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