Empathically Prepared Pasture Fed Prime Hereford Beef

Green Guerrilla farm bulk Hereford beef (23kg) packs. The entire cow is divided into 18 shares and each share for R2200.  The meat is processed into mince, sausage, stir-fry, rib cuts, rump, steak, fillets, goulash, roasts, and further delicacies not forgotten such as the tongue, heart as a taster, and enough to share the liver and lungs, including (tripe); insuring every part of the animal is honoured, a 48 hour slow simmered bone marrow broth. (Herb flavoured and neutral)
Packaging-vacuum-packed for longevity in freezer
Bovine on the hoof 680-750kg
Slaughter out cut meat/ wet + including delicacy 290g (approx.)
Bone broth 100L

A calm and loving transfer from life in the pasture of its’ birth and life ensures that the universal laws of “do not harm”, “take only what you need” and “Bless all that is there for our survival” holds true.

My philosophy on harvesting animals for meat is “as important to what you feed an animal, as important to how you harvest that animal.” – AKIM