Remote Mentorship Session 1


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No matter how small you think your space is, my vision is to offer you a standing chance to be able to produce healthy organic food on a shoestring budget, and it all starts with learning the art of composting and having a really good plan.

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Remote Mentorship Session 1

My name is Akim Riemer, A.K.A the Guerrilla General, and I will be your mentor instructor and motivator to get you growing your own food.

My primary objectives will be for you to re-direct and convert all your organic waste (auxiliary surplus) via easy to setup different kinds of composting methods, to cultivate living soil and grow as much of your own food as possible following organic and bio-dynamic principles.  Once this has been archived we will explore different options regarding the protein crunch, regardless if you are on a plant based diet, or omnivore, we start with soil and then we choreograph a system that best suits you/family/community.

It can really be overwhelming trying to start growing your own food, there are so many moving parts and so much that can go wrong, coupled with limited knowledge which can lead to disaster and disappointment. This is the reason that suffocates many first time food growers, and let’s face it, considering last year, who needs disappointment in our lives.  To combat this we take it in steps and most importantly, we build a very good plan

Getting started…how to get the ball rolling with Session 1

Firstly Guide me to understand your vision, email me a small blurb about the space you have, how many people to eat from this space, the kind of food you would like to grow and your level knowledge on composting and growing food. Rate yourself from 1-5 (1 very poor-5 excellent) and 0 if you kill plastic plants.

Then a little about your space (your vision of growing food) and photos…lots of them, if you can explain each pic would be great, otherwise I am pretty good in observation.

This allows me a closer look at your soil needs, challenges and advantages, I formulate a basic plan and then we E-meet.

This session will be 1 hour, and on a platform you are familiar with/face time/zoom/etc., the mobility of your phone opens all closed doors.

In this session I cover 4 foundation steps based on the information I have gathered to assist you to start building the master plan, each step is given 15 minutes so we don’t wonder off the path.

Step 1. (15 minutes)

Basic feasibility study, establish how much? Time, effort, family buy in, production of food, expectations, I will ask you questions, and your answers will guide me taking notes.

Step 2. (15 minutes)

We take a tour of your space, me on your shoulder, close inspection; we note basic observations, light, micro-climates, best space to set up composting, best space to begin growing food, where you going to put your propagation bench. We look at soil, if there is any, scratching in beds, doing profile test and a strong feeling of your space and it’s potential.

Step 3 (15 minutes)

Identify and agree where everything can go, I am going to get you to draw your space as a blue print map, the surrounding’s don’t have to be to scale, but the grow beds and compost area we have to be measure (pace it out is enough). As a farmer we must know the surface area we plan to cover even if it’s just 4 square metres.

Step 4 (15 minutes)

Brain storm for material list and free stuff, covering micro green set, what kind of plant production will be best (vertical, container, in the ground, etc.) also to agree on the amount of space used for what (composing verse food production).

You prepare a blueprint of the area with true measurements on grow and compost areas based on step 3.

Me-I prepare and email you a dry plan and suggestions/observations and an overview for composting, worms, micro greens and food production, materials required, labour requirements, and ingredients required to start, i.e. worms, compost inoculate, old tyres etc.

I will also suggest next step, and time lines. You decide the next step, we have covered all bases, and now you can make an informed decision armed with a material list (organic and inorganic) and a dry plan you can procced with confidence. If you still feeling a bit shaky and value the assistance, then I suggest proceeding to session 2 that focuses on learning by doing, with a hands-on approach.  This is tailor made to your ability and experience, in conjunction with access to on-line training videos and pdfs which I will send you when covering each topic (worms/soil/compost/plants.)

As this is an introduction letter I have based it on a family, however everyone has different needs, you could be an old lady of 96 years who just wants to grow 1 cannabis plant, or 96 hippies wanting to grow their own food, or just a soil nerd like me wanting to learn more about microbes and soil alchemy, so please feel free to request the topics, or farming direction you want to go in, if it’s a topic I can confidently respond on we can go there.

If you have any questions, or unsure of how to procced, or there are challenges your feel will inhabit you, then please email me [email protected]

Yours with dirty hands


Guerrilla General

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