Welcome home - Green GuerrillasDancing with nature

Welcome home
Green Guerrillas – Dancing with nature

Welcome home friends, comrades, rock & rollers and all those interested in learning how to grow their own food

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Green Guerrillas – Dancing with nature

The first revolutionary act is education.  Growing your own food is taking the power back.

This is our electronic platform to inspire, empower and get you growing food on a shoestring budget.

We are a dedicated team, working from a grassroots level to the corporate jungle, showcasing ecological and sustainable solutions to empower and inspire everyone to become more accountable to the food we eat and the waste we produce.

Turn your living space into a food forest.  Grow power-packed microgreens in 9 days.  Raise an army of worms.  Learn the art of decomposition and compost organic matter like a pro.

Live off your garden.

We show you how.


Join the revolution.  Become a Guerrilla Grower.

Step 1: Learning about compost worms

It is all about compost, and there is no other creature that can produce compost with the efficiency and speed, than the compost worm.

We show you how to become a master worm farmer, from a cup of worms to a ton of worms.  Compost worms are the gearbox of self-suffiency.

Step 2: Start growing microgreens

Microgreens are easy to grow and require very little attention.  From planting to plate, is a matter of days.  An instant source of high nutrient-dense food, no space too small. Learning to grow microgreens is for everyone.

Step 3: Growing plants from seed

Sowing seed for the vegetable garden, or to be grown in containers, is rewarding, cost-effective and fun.

Seeds remain the cheapest investment to your food security. Learning to grow from seed, made easy. Like one, two, three!

Step 4:  The art of Compost

In order to grow food, you need good soil.  In order to have good soil, you need good compost.  You can produce the highest quality compost yourself, in your own living space.  Re-directing organic waste from your trash to the compost pile, is good for nature and is great for your garden.  Compost like a boss, let us show you how.

Step 5:  Transplanting and plant care

From germination to harvesting, transplanting and plant care remain vital for a successful harvest.  To the ground, or container – we show you different methods, styles and tips for the best results.

How we bring the farm to you

With two years in the making, many hours spent on research and development, the Green Guerrillas present: GG-47

A comprehensive food growing starter kit and step-by-step “how to” learning guide to set you up for success and get you growing as easily and as quickly as possible.

Incorporating compost worms, living soils, viable seed, compost culture and stimulant and the ingredients to get growing your own food immediately.  In conjunction with “farm in a box”, we present our course “GG-47”.

A realistic approach of 5 easy steps to follow with entertaining, factual input on the magical wonders of growing food and working with nature.

Meet your instructor

Akim Riemer, (a.k.a the Guerrilla General) is a man on a mission to get everyone growing their own food.

A self-professed soil nerd, Akim maintains busy by continuing farming and experimenting on a 1 hectare Urban Agriculture bio-integrated soil farm working with a herd of pigs, chickens and composting worms.

“Everyone can dance with nature and grow their own food.  It’s wired into our DNA, and if ever there was a time to re-ignite that instinct – it would be now” AKIM

Guerrilla General AKIM

Our ethos

  • To inspire everyone to grow their own food
  • To work with nature, not against nature
  • To protect the soil fertility by avoiding heavy chemicals and poisons
  • To save seed
  • To be guided by water-wise gardening and water conservation
  • To practice what we teach
  • To allow animals to follow their natural behaviour, as much as possible
  • To empower, inspire and share knowledge with as many people as we can
  • To become accountable to our organic waste and avoid sending any organic waste to landfills
  • To strive for food security and food sovereignty

There is an old African proverb that states: If you think you are too small to make a difference, then you have never spent a night with a mosquito.

Every small, positive action we take to being accountable to the food we eat and the waste we produce, is a breath of fresh air for our earth and a brighter future for the next self-sufficient generation.